I just modded my strat again, and it sounds absolutely wonderful, its now wired with one tone, a switch for the neck pickup in the middle, and a volume knob, and its got 2 no name (but powerful and great sounding) single coils in the neck and middle, and a nice, vintage chandler custom shop pickup in the bridge...

overall, it sounds a lot like a vintage strat from the 50s, its got that bright, jangly strat sound, and with the switch for the neck pickup, I can combine the pickups all 7 ways. Absolutely wonderful clean -- and absolutely harmonic-rich tone.

but no matter what amp I plug into (my classic 30 or randall) or how high I set the gain, I just sounds thin and bright and nasty. If I roll back the tone on the guitar, or turn the
treble down, I can fix this to some degree, but its still not that thick, and kind of brittle.

If I run it through a processor or a modeling amp I can still get lots of rich gain, but I know tons of people (hendrix for one) got good tones out a strats with overdrive...

would I be better off plugging in one of my pedals (either the RP80 or my OD/Distortion/Delay/chorus box) and running a boost and overdrive on top of my Classic 30's overdrive?

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