this one is REALLY HEAVY, ill make your head explode. . . hopefully, pure brootality has odd parts for shock, youll see

once again my cousins da drummer so dont expect much in that area, please give feedback

update: i refined the song a bit more

this song flows right after the other song i posted here:

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kind of a slight mix of Opeth, Dr. Acula, and Between the Buried and Me.

Good stuff!
Wait a minute....if you have sex with someone else with herpes you get SuperHerpes???

....awww shit.
Oh my God, I think it's impossible to play
need a lot of work
it's a lot of casual notes

Sorry, 3/10
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haha dude this was so whack. only metal i listen to is protest the hero (rody is the only metal singer i can stand with the exception of howard from KSE). the thing with any mathcore/mathrock genres is people get way to crazy. especially on these forums im constantly seeing pieces that are nearly impossible to play. if you could prove to me you can play this clean then i would be very impressed.

needed drums and bass. very generic with the keys at the end.
check out the sawtooth grin some parts sound like them but others dont.. haha