as stated in the title
im lookin 4 a versatile bass
i HEARD u can get a p and j sound from a HH stingray
it may not b the same but close
i really like the stingray sound but i want the warmth of the p too
and j wudnt b bad eithr
You will always have the humbuckerish sound, regardless of what settings you use.

To get a J sound, solo the bridge HB, fairly even on the EQ, boost the treble a bit to give it the "jazz bass bridge bite" sound.

To get a P sound try, soloing the neck HB, boost the bass and mids, cut the treble.

Go to a shop and try one out!

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Why not buy yourself a PJ bass. Save yourself some money.
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cause i really like the stingray sound
what about the hh or the hs??
any opinions
i'll go 2 a store and play em but i want othr opinons as well
Thats good then, but ya you should be able too, Some eq work, BUt you wont get a dedicated P or J sound out of it though.
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
Epiphone les paul
i own an HH stingray and i say you can achieve these tones, the switch allows you to isolate one coil in each pickup giving you a "j-like tone". And like previuosly stated the neck humbucker sounds big and warm like a p bass.
From my experiences with it, I would say no.

You can get close in that it has a vaguely similar sound, but you aren't getting close at all when you A/B them. Nothing sounds like P bass except a P bass. Isolating a coil in a humbucker is not the same as having two dedicated single coils.
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If you're looking for EXACTLY a P or J bass tone, then I'd say no.

If, however, you just want some alternatives to the traditional Stingray tone that is a bit less biting and closer to the Fender Basses, then I'd say yes.

I have a Stingray 5 HH and it pretty much covers any sound for any situation I've needed it for so far. It great for 'the' stingray sound we know and love but it has a lot more versatility than that.

I used to be in your situation, wanting a best of both world kind of thing, so I'd recommend trying a Stingray HH out and seeing what you think.
don't know about the P, but...
[url="http://www.delano.de/products.html?&cHash=9f97ffcf75&tx_smtdelano_pi1[cat"]=1&tx_smtdelano_pi1[series]=8&tx_smtdelano_pi1[strings]=5&tx_smtdelano_pi1[system]=9]One of these in the bridge position would give you a J tone guarenteed
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