Hi guys.
I need some help choosing the right strings for me.
Currently, I have Ernie Ball 2239 (Super Slinky 9-42). But when I play, it feels the strings are too loose. I've tuned them correctly, so it's not that they are really loose or something.
So yeah, I need some help choosing the right strings for me. Not too loose, but not to thick either.
Thanks in advance.
PS: My guitar is an Ibanez RGR321 EX, amp: Roland Cube 20x, and I play metal/rock, but occasionaly I play some RHCP and what not. So I need some good all-round strings.
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I use Ernie Ball 10 gauge strings and they're pretty good, the furthest I tune down to is D standard though or maybe Drop C. I'm gonna try out the Ernie Ball Titanium strings soon though.
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Okay thanks. And when I want to try Drop D or Drop C, what would you suggest?
drop D could go with the 10's. Drop C I'd say atleast get 11s
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What PhantomNote said about the Drop D
but for Drop C, if you have a tremolo system with 3 springs, try 11-46 or something really close
if no tremolo system, then idk too much really