I've been playing guitar for just over a year now, I did a kind of stupid jump after I first started playing, which was completely because of which websites I visited to learn guitar (I can't afford a teacher).
This jump was:
Basic chords
Smoke on the water
Unholy Confessions, Bat country, Random lamb of god riff, crazy train etc. etc. (all without solos)

Luckily it meant I advanced really quickly in my first 6 months, then i kinda slowed down cos i stopped advancing.
Then I started learning a bit of theory and writing my own stuff, which got me back into guitar, and I now feel I'm at the level where I really need a consistent daily (or weekly if that's better) practice routine, of about half an hour to an hour a day, that will help me improve as best as possible.

After I finish said routine I'll probably then play a bit of stuff I already know for fun, then learn some random riffs and songs, maybe write a bit of my own stuff...that doesn't really matter.

So I kind of need scales, arpeggios, exercises, that kind of thing, that I should practice.
Assume I don't know ANY scales. (Which is basically true...I know a few random ones which i don't know the name of, and the one minor pentatonic shape)
I don't know any arpeggios.
I want a challenge.

Incase you're wondering, my level of playing now...is...umm...well I can't play any solos all the way through, but I'm on my way to learning the waking the demon solo, I can nearly play the seize the day solo.

I can play Chapter Four all the way through except the solo (which I'm learning), same for Waking the Demon, My Curse, but mainly now I play easy but fun stuff, or write my own, which is it's own challenge obviously.

I'm not really advancing any more, and as I don't have a teacher I'm really stuffed for a good practice routine, and I wondered if anyone could give me one?

Thanks so much in advance xP

I'd say getting a teacher would be a good idea. It'll help you advance, 'cus he will immediately notice where and how you can improve.

Other than that - buy some Paul Gilbert instruction dvds. Helped me ALOT!
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Quote by PhantomNote
I'd say getting a teacher would be a good idea. It'll help you advance, 'cus he will immediately notice where and how you can improve...

i believe he said that he cant afford a teacher at the moment
sure im not helping either but i mean... c'mon
Spend at least a half hour with music theory since you don't know any. UG is rife with articles and lessons on it.
Thanks for the replies, and I still can't afford a teacher

And I'm currently spending all my practice time on theory, stuff like the ultimate guide to guitar and similar...I'd like to be improving my technique aswell.

And I do know a bit of theory , firstly from being forcefed piano for a few years when i was younger, and secondly from reading stuff on ultimate guitar and stuff.
Oh ye and also, my right hand (picking hand) seems to let me down, like it's at a lower skill level than my left hand.

Can anyone advise any practice routine for that?

And just to clarify, I don't mean tremolo picking, pinch harmonics, stuff like that, I just mean playing, improvising, fast scales, anything like that
I'd recommend you go here: www.guitarprinciples.com. It sounds like you really need
to know HOW to practice. WHAT you practice is nowhere near as important. Around
here you'll mostly get WHAT advice becomes most are in the same boat as you (although
they may not realize it).

I'd recommend you buy the books there, but if you read the articles and sign up for the
newsletter, there's no real need. They give most of it away for free anyway.