I just made a thread asking about what was wrong with my MT-2. and poipoi said that he was certain that polarity was the problem. so what is polartiy????

and before I get replies saying stuff like" was ur guitar plugged in" and such, this is what I did:

Guitar plugged into input on pedal
Amp plugged into output
Amp turned on
pedal powered by adaptor
guitar volume maxed

so how do you go about fixing a "polarity" problem anyways.

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Could you not have just posted this in your other thread?!

(sorry....cant help you with your issue)
But try using a battery and see if it works.
To reply, polarity is the way you plug your pedal into the socket, the contact point between pedal and cable... You can find the symbols (also on your pedal) here, it's the second one. Usually, it's the left, you can fix that by switching the tip of your adaptor (if it's not batteries) around (if you can do that at least). If you can't switch it around, you'll have to buy a Boss adaptor...

Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully, i've helped you
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first of all, what adapter are you using? I used a no brand 9V on my MT-2 but it didnt work so i bought the boss adapter
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