apologies if you're not allowed to make this kind of post - I 'd imagine you's lot get "what rhymes with purple, orange, angel, etc etc" type posts all the time.

I did read the FAQ 1st.

I had a look in a few online dictionaries - it either gives you those two or a list of words like "common" and "motion",

I was thinking; dodecahedron? but it's not the kind of word you can just slip into a song haha. I've already wrote the rest of it and will post it once it's done.
so you want words that rhyme with legion and region, or common and motion?
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train wreck - legion and region,

the word I actually want to find a ryme for is "lithopedion", which rhymes with legion and region (I think) more than it does for common and motion.

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Ephesian, Cartesian, adhesion, cohesion
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hey, I've got It, thanks awbdy, ackj wins with cohesion.

now I need a line that rymes with "years" which shouldn't be too streneous haha.
I've finished It - not exactly a lyrical masterpeice but I like the rest of the song too so it's getting kept. I will post it in the lyrics forum.

if you say it "lee-gin" you can work in tons of stuff...

i love phonetic play..
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