what is polarity? aparantly that's the problem with my pedal.....

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Please stop making this many threads. And at least, spell correctly.
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jesus christ, stop posting up new threads every 2 seconds about the same question!!! keep one thread and ask that question in that thread.
Quote by tryhonesty
what is polarity? aparantly that's the problem with my pedal.....

Are you a troll?
Or a complete retard?

Atleast CHECK your other threads (where people have told you to post in your old one.)


btw...Palority is not a word.
Check your second thread, i've posted there
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What's wrong with your pedal? What does it do or not do?

check his other 3 threads...
Dude. Three threads on the same subject. You could have just posted your questions in one of your threads, and I'm quite positive that this question has been answered before in all of your threads. And here. Allow me......


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