Poll: Do you spend too much time on your computer?
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157 87%
23 13%
Voters: 180.
How could one possibly spend too much time on a computer?
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If I could get a god damn job I wouldn't spend so much time on it

But no one wants me

I'm getting a brand new Peugeot 308 soon as my first car on hire purchase though, so I can look further afield and get the hell off this nerd-mobile
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Yes indeed I spend too much time on computer. When I close my eyes, all I can see is posts made by different people.
yes.... and no i dont spend 10 hours a day on it, more like 3 every couple days. but i do think its way too much.
I can never spend to much time. There is too much to learn.
The majority of my day is divided between being online, playing guitar, sleeping, or eating. Sometimes I do other stuff, but yeah, I am online a lot.
Not anymore, spending about 2 hours a day. It used to be 6 hours or more, which I found way too much.

Yes. When I'm searching a book looking for a certain thing I always get this niggling feeling in my head to press CTRL + F.
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Yes. When I'm searching a book looking for a certain thing I always get this niggling feeling in my head to press CTRL + F.

And me!

When I loose something in my house I just want to be able to bring spotlight up.
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I voted yes.

Whenever I'm not out with my friends or at college, I'm on my laptop (unless my girlfriend comes round, which is 2-3 times a week). So I'm on 5+ hours a day.
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10+ hours a day.

Voting no.

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Yes it is!
Second one to me

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I'm in college (uni)..whatever..so I need the computer a lot.
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its 2 in the morning, so yes.
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Yes. When I'm searching a book looking for a certain thing I always get this niggling feeling in my head to press CTRL + F.

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Seems like I'm wasting my life sometimes...

we are wasting our lives indeed

10+ daily hours here

am i the only one who's aware of how bad is this but does nothing to change it?
yeah i probably do.

and a lot of that time is spent on here.

if only you people were better behaved.
Hellz yeah.

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I multitask phone, eating, homework, and guitar on the comp, so I'm on like 14 hours a day. XD
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nice discovery, sir.

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the majority of my life so far...so I'd vote yes, but only because, I have nothing else to do for now.
I voted yes.

I had my laptop duct tape shut at one point...only to find myself unraveling it the next hour.
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Yes, but all the good things in life happen to live inside the computer.

Throw in work time spent on a computer.... waaay too much time.
I don't feel like i'm wasting my life, I know I am.
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way too much time on my PC and way too much time here,

today i've achieved NOTHING. I didn't even leave my front doorstep.
*well, I did write a song, then posted it here...
I spend too much time wasting time. When I've stopped using the computer, I'll realised I've wasted a few years of my life.
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Nah but I spend too much doing other things like video games.

Or watching the Prestige half-way through.
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Nah, I get out plenty, I mean, there's stuff I can do outside, but not until the snow melts , so until it does, I'm good to just hang inside, and browse through UG.

At the most, I allow myself 5 hours at a time. AT THE MOST.

I'll take guitar breaks, and excercise breaks sometimes.

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I'm on it way too much.

But I have to be as all my college work is done on here.
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I do.

I go out almost every day though. Sometimes out with a friend, which is all day compared to going to town with mum and dad.