So, I just recently bought a bass. I have been playing guitar for over 2 years now, and I can play very decently. I dont know if playing bass can have a negative effect on my guitar playing or viceversa. I think that some aspects of bass playing can help me in my guitar playing.
No. In fact, a lot of the concepts can be easily applied to both instruments. I think learning another instrument only increases your understand of the first instrument really. This goes for any two (or more) instruments. The more you play the more you understand how the instruments work together
It will help, if anything. The only negative effect is that bass is awesome and once you start, kiss your guitar good-bye.
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I went from electric to bass, and I've noticed that I can run up the neck a whole lot better than friends who exclusively play bass, and bass is obviously better. You'll love it.
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lol @ most of these responses, bass does kick ass. but to answer your question(kind of a question I guess), no not a negative effect, it helped my guitar playing a lot because it helped me learn to stretch my fret hand way more and learning both instruments helped me realize what exactly each instruments' purpose was in music. I would definately say playing both can help your musical abilities expand.
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I saw a bumper sticker in a guitar store that read
"Like all musicians, Your Following the Bassist"
I lol'd

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I like bass better because it makes a cooler sound and you look cooler playing it.

That's some deep intellectual reasoning you got there....

I started playing both at the same time and yes it does make you better at both of them. Knowing alot of guitar oriented stuff made me a better bassist then my rivals who only played "just bass". And playing bass also made me a better rythm guitarist. So I think it will only benefite in the end.
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I play both, it has positive effects on your playing.

Bass is better though. =]
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