This is totally in your opinion.

I pick:

Pegasus by the Allman Brothers Band
YYZ by Rush
DirtyEdit: Hocus Pocus, or Mobydick.

Icing happen when de puck come down, BANG, you know,
before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Get To Da Choppa!
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For the Love of God - Steve Vai.
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+1 to carcass255, he knows funk will lead the way

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probably fish tacos by dick dale or night of the vampire by joe meeks, theyre not as technically difficult as some but they sound great
Most stuff by Eric Johnson is very good.
I like Manhattan and Trademark the best though (not too fond of cliffs)
Call me Wes.
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clearly the wrong place, lol
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