Ok. I was told that this would be the best place for this so here i go.

I have (or will hopefully soon have) about 600-900 POUNDS to spend on a guitar and amplifier. I play a electroacoustic and classical so i dont want to just get a cheap pice pf biginners stuff.

I have been looking at two amps in the main - a WMD warbeast and a mocking bird st. I know that there both bc rich and no i am not buying because of that. I am looking at these because they seem most applicable to meee!

WMD: http://www.bcrich.com/warbeast_wmd.asp
Mocking bird st: http://www.bcrich.com/Mockingbird_st.asp

I play classic rock and meatal but i obviously want a multy-style guitar as possible.

So please give me advice on amps and yitars ect and genrally tell me that i am o noob at this.... because i am!!! Whoo!

I am willing to spend more on the amp because i would rather the amp be to good for the guitar than the guitar to good for the amp.

Cheers guys and thanks in advance.
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bc rich guitars are so cheesy looking... ill go with the mockingbird
amps youb could get a roland cube
For what you say you play I'd look at Ibanez and maybe Jackson. But if you're set on a B.C. mockingbird definately.

And the Roland Cube is a good amp.