ALright so for the past month ive been playing an electric with no amp(not fun) because the speaker blew in mine

now im getting an amp for xmas but my guitar is in the shop getting fixed

now for the question how much would it be to rent a guitar for about a week? and would i have to put a down a safety deposit?
I didnt know you that you could rent guitars. I would imagine you;d have to put down a full price deposit in case you just knicked it?
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I whouldent wanna rent a guitar,somehow i get the feeling it's all Filthy and nasty..
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go for your guitar for a week and save money? idk
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ive never actually heard of anyone renting a guitar but i was looking at my local shops website and it said you could it didnt go into detail though
I wouldn't rent a guitar, but maybe a big amp for a gig, all I have is a 25 watt fender frontman
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I would most definitely find a friend that has a guitar they are willing to lend to you and that way you can use it without the money bit
If you actually need a guitar then you should def save up some money and just buy a cheap one :P