When i have my pedal and amp and guitar all hooked up, the sound from the guitar won't go to the amp. before I get bad and useless replies , read this:

Amp is turned on(plugged in)
cord from amp is in the output of the pedal
cord from guitar goes to input of the pedal
guitar volume is maxed
pedal is powered by a Boss adaptor( becuase it's a boss pedal)
I have no batteries right now, and the adaptor works
Both cords work, I tried them independently

and then all this is done, the sound from the guitar doesn't go to the amp. So there is NO SOUND( the pedal just "mutes" all sound from the guitar). Does someone have experience with this or nows anything about it???

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the same thing happened to me, i just put in batteries and it worked.
maybe your jacks are broken, if the cables aren't working then you won't get a sound.
Also: Maybe you should turn on the volume on your pedal on
Or: Try putting in a battery cos it could be that the pedal just doesn't get the power from the adapter
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had this happen test the cords, that was my problem
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In all seriousness,
A BOSS isnt true bypass so if it doenst work then no sound. If its the pedal and a batt doesnt make it work then time for warranty but it should work with the official overpriced BOSS adapter.