I have an Ibanez SA260FM, which has a floating bridge. Right now the strings that are on there are Ernie Ball Super Slinky (9s). I'm gonna go up to 10s and was wondering if with the floating bridge, do I need to do something with the springs? Right now I have 3 springs. There are 5 spots for strings, and if they are numbered 1-5, they would be on 1, 3 and 5. So do I need to do anything differently with springs, like add another one?
putting on a higher guage strrings will pull the trem out of the body more maklng it more difficult to play. You will have to tighten or loosen (not sure which one) the springs for it to sitperfectly as before. Youtube videos will help
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Try it and see. I have used 8's to 10's on my Yammy without changing springs but yours may need an extra one. Different guitars etc.
The difference is not huge, you don't need to add more springs. You'll just have to tighten the springs a little bit, maybe 1/4 turn (or even less) on each of the two screws, which hold the plate the springs are attached to.
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DONT put on heavy top slinky bottoms
thats 10 to 52's

i had to block off my trem because the springs werent nearly strong enough and no one stocks spare springs
Thanks for the advice. I didn't think moving up to the 10s would make that much of a difference but I wanted to make sure before I did. I will watch the bridge as I tune it and if it seems to be coming up anymore than it usually does, I will adjust the springs.

And I didn't get the Heavy tops, I got 10-46s.