So it is getting to be that special time of year and I am not talking about Chrismas, I am talking about that time that only comes around twice a year, but when it does, the feeling is unmatched. I am talking of course about College refund check time. My paper chain link day counter is hanging in my room, and it is almost here. Ahh if only guitar center could cash a check, then I would not have to stop by the bank first. Anyway, I have $1200 coming this semester and I need to know how to spend it. I want to get an amp and a guitar, the amp, unless someone changes my mind, is going to be a Fender Blues Junior, their $500 new. But I dont yet know what guitar to get. I play more Blues guitar than anything, but not strictly blues, so if you had $1200 to spend on a guitar and an amp what would you buy?
Personally i'd buy a used amp and a new guitar.

With $700 i think you could buy an american standard strat... If not new, then probably used. If you aren't into single coils i would look at schecter just because they are great guitars for the price. Plus many of their guitars have coil-splitting so you can have both single coil and humbucker sound.
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ebay by friend. im thinking like a fender deville u can get for 500 used probly, and guitar- personally i would pick a "metal" guitar just because thats what i feel comfortable playing so i wont be much help. but with 700 bucks left u hav some good options
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blues jr and a lonestar strat is what id get
but thats just me,
maybe just a mexican strat anda nice wah & overdrive/boost
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If you already have a nice guitar I'd get a deluxe reverb and save the rest of the money.
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