ok, idc if im a "noob" or "newb" or "n00b" or wutever the hell u kids wanna call me. but im lookin for a distortion pedal where i can play, well, metal music. i wanna be able to play Killswitch Engage type stuff, and some System of a down type stuff. i wanna be able to do some cool pick squeals too.

I use an Epiphone Les Paul Silverburst custom special edition, through a Fender Princeton 65 Amp and i currently use the Boss DS-1 distortion. its great nd stuff, but im looking for something else so i can play more of metal and not just rock.

ive played both the Metal Zone and the Metal Core pedals at Guitar center, but for only like 5 minutes each, so i didnt really get that good of a chance to hear everything, if u kno wut i mean.

idk, wut do u guys think i should go with?

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both sound like ass... look into digitech hardwire metal distortion pedal... i've heard good things about them...
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Pick squeals?
If you must get a heavier distortion, go for a metal muff or one of those blackstars or something. Stay away from boss's metal series.
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The metal zone (mt-2) is better because it has a mid-frequency control. I have it, and i like the tones i can get, but it is very sensitive and it needs a lot of fine-tuning to get a good sound. a lot of people here don;t like it, but its all a matter of personal preference
Unmodded Boss distortion/OD pedals = crap.

Comparing the Metal Zone and the Metal Core is like comparing cat **** to dog ****.


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i would say stay away from boss as well. there are better metal distortions in the same price range if you look around.
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Metal Muff.
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I'm in the same situation. Can anyone suggest a good pedal for metal, pick squeals, etc.??
Hardwire is good, never played it at really loud volumes though, you can get really nice squeals and stuff out of it, just what you want.

The metal muff is great too, i've never played it myself.. but just watching videos on it and reading reviews.. I want to buy one really bad
hardwire is alright, metal muff is good, or look into the damage control pedals with preamp tunes, either the demonizer or solid metal, both will handle anything you throw at them
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Neither, Boss Metal pedals are crap

the Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion is good, and can be used for Metal, but It sounds like what you're looking for is an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff or Metal Muff
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I'm with DeltaFunk
metal muff ($89ish)
damage control demonizer ($300)
seymour duncan twin tube mayhem($250ish)
hardwire metal distortion($70ish)

those are the only good metal distortion pedals
i prefer the one with bold letters
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