you want to use thicker (.9 and up) picks because it is a chunkier sound and it alloys for faster playing
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lots of shredders use dunlop jazz III picks cause they are super small and thick and sharp and give a really bright tone. i just picked some up for the first time and they are pretty sweet, but they are really small like 2/3 the size of a normal pick.
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Use what's most comfortable to you, pick size and shape to me have no effect whatsoever, unless you're playing an acoustic guitar.
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I use the Jazz III for some stuff, but they're kind of uncomfortable to me... the main ones I use are the dunlop tortex .73, or 1.00 they're great
i buy packs of dunlop match piks. that way the pick gnomes have a harder time finding them.
im a dunlop jazz III guy for sure. anything else now just feels to big and awkward. they give incredible control
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i really needa get some jazz 3's but for now i use clayton usa 1mm

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i use 3mm stubbies

dava control picks


if out of them i will use any others
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I play equally craptastic with any pick but I prefer to use 1.14mm Dunlop Tortex Jazz picks.
Jazz III's for lead stuff and orange tortex for strumming
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V picks.
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If you are playing metal, I suggest thicker picks. I play metal and I use thick picks.
Id suggest duller picks for fast playing
since you can tremolo pick faster
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