Atm i play mostly metallica's stuff but I wanna start playing children of bodom so I need to detune.

My question is: Do I just unlock the nut tune, tune down , the lock it again (my guitar is a Jackson DK2M with LFR) and im good to go or does the guitar need to be setup(truss rod, bridge or w/e)?

I am noob at guitar setups so I would appreciate your help!
if going to tune down to drop c your going to have to adjust the springs in the back of the bridge or have to take one out
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If it has a floyd rose, which I'm assuming it does since you said "unlock the nut", then there is a lot more to it than just tuning. You'll probably want to go with a thicker gauge set of strings, and your gonna have to get the entire guitar set up again, action, intonation, truss, and the floyd will definatley need adjusting.
If I am not mistaken i have to adjust the springs so that the bridge floats properly.

I just wonder If it has to be setup anything by a professional (eg Truss rod)

EDIT: saw the post above me now. I have already 11s on my guitar.
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If you already have 11's you might be okay for strings. But you're gonna have to adjust the springs to get your bridge level as you said. And you'll need to reset the intonation. Depending on how stable your neck is you might not need a truss adjustment, but if you do it will only be a small adjustment, and you can do it yourself easily.