I've tried out these 3 guitars and I feel that they are all 3 the pretty close in playability. I need to know my Monday TOMMARO which one to buy. I been reading up on reviews, but those really havn't helped me much.

My 2nd guitar will probably be one of these 3

they are all acoustic electric, but I dont know much about the different pickup types.

Epiphone ej 200ce
under bridge piezo pickup system

Epiphone ej 160E
- laminated spruce top?
1 mini humbucker

Epiphone Dr 200ce
shadow p4 piezo pickup & preamp

-Grateful for any insight-
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The pit is more active, but I've posted this same topic there.. just incase
- to Make ourselves more than we are
Play all 3 of them and the one that you feel the most comfortable playing will stand out, failing that just get the one that looks the coolest.
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