I've tried out these 3 guitars and I feel that they are all 3 the pretty close in playability. I need to know my Monday Tomorrow* which one to buy. I been reading up on reviews, but those really havn't helped me much.

My 2nd guitar will probably be one of these 3

they are all acoustic electric, but I dont know much about the different pickup types.

Epiphone ej 200ce
under bridge piezo pickup system

Epiphone ej 160E
- laminated spruce top?
1 mini humbucker

Epiphone Dr 200ce
shadow p4 piezo pickup & preamp

-Grateful for any insight-
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Hey there,
I've been in your boat before! Acoustic-electrics are tricky because (for me atleast) I wanted a guitar that would sound just as good unplugged as it does plugged into an amp. Make sure when you're testing your potential guitar that it has the qualities you want it to have - both unplugged and plugged. Or else you may end up buying a great guitar that sounds good unplugged but when plugged in it sounds like **** - then whats the point of paying the extra $$ for the pickup, when it'd sound better mic'd ?

Anyway, just doing some quick researching on musiciansfriend and I found that the DR-200 CE is cheaper but theres lots of bad reviews about the pickups.

I don't know much about the EJ-160CE, but I suppose it comes down to what you like between between the 200ce or the 160. I know a friend who has a similar epiphone to the 200CE and she loves it - but its a JUMBO sized guitar and can become uncomfortable if playing for long periods of time - something to keep in mind.

Why is it between these three guitars? I noticed they're all epiphones, have you tried looking at any other brands that may be in the same price range - if not better?