The Repeat

A fresh plan
In the same old still
A wealthy man
That made me feel so ill
How can I address the same old problems
With a brand new soloution
Every time I try

Fading sound
In the listening room
A wired surround
That needs addressing soon
How should I confront my new status
With something inovative
Every time I try

Stuck on repeat
I check to see a change
I know theres no point
I geuss I'm just acting strange
Go on someone make me smile
Go on, I haven't laughed in a while
Stuck on repeat
Must be a creep
Same old routine
Just like a machine
Stuck on repeat
Must be a creep
Same old routine
Must be a machine

Reckoned reviewed
The story of my life
My entire mood
Maybe you should pass me my knife
Since I can no longer solve soloutions
With a fresh and useful mind
Every time I try

A gentle choir
Perhaps the only desire
That worthwile
Since it's said silence is dire
And I have no more brainwaves
And I have no more plans
Every time I try...
To solve another problem


Once a thing of beauty
Broke to a thing of duty
Once a think of thoughts
Now only thinks when taught
A cloud, A cloud, A cloud
That goes:
on, on, on, on, on, on


Peace x