im looking for a distort pedal, somewhere in the $120 range. The amp i have right now, peavey transtube 258, has horible distortion, so im looking for an alternative. i play punk, blues and some metal, my skill range is intermediate. i have coil pickups, this guitar
I can recomend the Digitech hardwire CM-2 overdrive with that, and you should get all what you want in conjuction with the amps DS channel.
Everything from a clean boost, light crunch, or balls to the walls.

Or any good overdrive for that matter would be good.

A distortion pedal could do the job but it wouldn't fit all the criteria in the blues department.


Id recomend the BBE grean screamer but its not on sale anymore and its really worth it just to dishout 20 bucks extra to get a CM-2.
buy a new amp first and buy the CM-2 OD or a maxon OD
or maybe buy a V2 Jekyll&Hyde
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