So I was looking though newgrounds and I happen to click on one of the 'front page' flashes. I watched through the 'There she is' serise, after being hooked in by the song from step 3.

And so I hope someone can make for find a tab for Sam-cha Seung-jing by T.A. Copy, and Imagine by Brunch (it isn't kr vers of Lennon's Imagine; its a tribute to Lennon himself, i think).

I've been trying to tab "Imagine" myself, but I'm really horrible at it, and about the only thing I can tell you is it's in the key of Ab.
Ive tabbed out some of the songs in the series, but give me a heads up if you guys have had any luck...
I have a lead, and I'll be working on the rest as the night goes on. When I'm done I swear there will be a tab for this epic song. It will probably be the basic structure, that someone will make better until it actually sounds exactly like the recording feel XD

Anyways, first step, down-step. It's in a half-step down tuning (Please tell me the actual name of that tuning cause I know I bastardized it.) So the strings will be Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb. To get to this tuning easily, put a capo on the first fret, and tune to standard, then take the capo off.

I started with the basic rhythm (a rhythm underneath another rhythm it seems)

Then, these are the chords of the...subrhythm I'll call it...

Ab, (changes at 9 seconds to..) low F, low Eb, Ab, Db, Eb, F

Before the 9 second mark play the rhythm choppy and palmmuted scattered...(man I'm really bad with the technical terms), and after the yelling go nuts with the strumming as long as its continuous...I use up-down myself.

After the intro, the rhythm is muted (and unmuted, randomly): Ab, Db, Eb. Play that 3 times, and on the last verse it's Ab, B, Gb, lowest E, Gb.

And now the chorus...the chorus rhythm is basically the latter half of the beginning Ab, Db, Eb, F, Db, Eb, Ab (restart and tweak as you like...I personally like substituting high Gb for F)

Also, all of these chords are power chords. You may say no, power chords are a copout...but if you weren't using power chords, you couldn't do the part below. :P, well I couldn't anyway.
Now, Imagine is a very harmonic-heavy song, so in the beginning, around 20 seconds in, while you're strumming away at the Ab power-chord, you have to lightly have your finger over every 7th fret metal strip, and start picking the Db string really fast, and then strum across to get the harmonics sound. I still don't have this part completely right...but it's something like strumming it all down and then up. Maybe a 2nd guitarist does this part.
The harmonics start to reappear back with a vengeance, and they brought pinch harmonics with then, in the 2nd verse.
Then Brunch just goes crazy with them in the solo....

That's enough rhythm..lets go on to what I know for the lead....you know...the part that actually sounds like the song's riffs.

I found the same thing in the standard tuning, but then after I realized the rhythm was in a lower tuning, and played the lead in that tuning, it turned out to be an easier fix and it sounded better.

Eb                     0
Bb                                        3           2
Gb      2-2-2-2          2-2-2         2-2

And repeat that, then....

Bb      2  3 3 2 3
Gb                                2 1 2 1
Db                        4 4

This part is definitely oversimplified....its probably missing strings...the bottom 3 can't be doing nothing....

And the solo/bridge...I've got kinda figured out but not all the way...like I said, I'll have a tab when I'm done. Anyone got any help for what I've already done?? Maybe some changes in the terminology please?

I've definitely listened to this song too much
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Guitar 1: Standard Tuning : Intro Inter.
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------
------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------
-----------8-----6-----~5--- x3 ----3/5-5/6----------------------------------
----5-666--666--666------ --------------333/666-~5-------------------
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
Guitar 1: Intro Breakdown : Natural Harmonics
Guitar 2 : Intro Breakdown
---6-6--------6-6--------------6-6----------6-6----- The timings are lined up pretty well...
Guitar 1 : Verse
--------------------------8-----6-/--5----- x3 then "Inter."
The next part is a little hazy...
Guitar 1 & 2 : Chorus
-------6---8---10---8---6------------------- Listen for rhythm

This is all in standard tuning. not sure how well tabbing the rest of the song has been for you guys...