I'm about to go spend the $50 off card at GC when you spend $350+.

So far I'm getting a vintage tube screamer, and a big muff.

I'm looking to spend about $100.. possibly a little more but not too high.

My collection right now is:
bad monkey, boss ch-1 chorus, ds-2, vox wah, looper pedal, and the ME-50 multi effects pedal.

Not really sure what I want, so ideas are great.
buy mad hoes lolzolzolzolzolz, what are you looking for exactly, wasting money on a pedal you dont need is really just a waste, why not save for something you need?
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I say look into those digitech Hardwire CM-2's before you buy the tubescreamer.

altough the 808 is a diffrent flavor and its god damn awesome.

Still like my CM-2 better tough.

Anywho the one i always go to has those EHX tube pedals, look into those aswell.

also something as simple as good high quality cable for your set up can improve your sound noticeably .
Id have to say the basics would be, Reverb, OD, and delay.

in that order.

Those are an absolute must.
The Hardwire DL-8 gets pretty good props.

Also the MXR carbon copy.

Id personally go for the MXR cause i dont really do complex things with a delay, a simple delay is complex for me, a digital one would make me headaches not knowing what to do with all the features.
I'm a fan of the Line 6 echo park and Verbzilla.

If you sell your bad monkey you will have more money to put to a good OD as well. I would go with a Maxon OD9 or OD808 over any of the Ibanez tubescreamers.
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