So i got this marshall AVT50 (Do they even make these any more?) i love the amp. Yet i think my amps fan is broken, but im not a expert or anything. It sounds like a fan... when i turn it on it will buzz for a minute or so, then it might come back in like 30 mins again. I am pretty sure this isn't affecting my tone but am not sure so i got a couple questions.

1) How serious of a problem is this?
2) If i delay getting it fixed will it lead to greater problems?
3) Is it even my fan?

Thanks for the help!
Those little muffin fans only last so many years. Cheap enough to get one at radioshack and swap it out. Im sure marshall put it in there for a reason. If they could have saved a buck not putting it in they would have.
It's not really difficult to open an amp, just take it slow. It is quite possible that your fan is rattling or buzzing, somthing caught in it or the wiring is weak. If they have problems occasionally they can interfere with your output or grounding.

Fan's usually don't help too much when it comes to heat, good circulation throughout the room and the fact that heat rises helps you out more. If you're playing for more than 15-30 minutes, check the amp occasionally, if it's hot to the touch, I would consider replacing the fan if it's junked.

It's probably the same kind of fan that your computer uses. You can probably look on the fan itself, google it and order a new one, wire it up the way the other one is.
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I have the same amp and it does the same thing. I dont think it affects my tone though.
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