ok i've been playing for about 3 years but only 1 year seriously, i play like anything from slipknot and racer x to RHCP, i was wondering, if anyone could advise me on what i should get, if you have either owned or playing using this equipment, comments will be greatly appreciated(even if you haven't done either, maybe you heard a rumor or something or word of mouth etc lol).

ok guitar wise, i have a choice of either the ibanez RG2570Z, 24 frets, half decent pickups, zero trem, or the Ibanez S470DXQM, super thin, smexy mahogany tone, not great pickups and only 22 frets , but has the legendary ZR trem. Either way i'm most likely to swap out the pups for some seymour duncan invaders.

ok amp wise, either the Line6 Spider Valve 112, or Blackstar HT5-S - 5 Watt 2 Channel Valve Mini-Stack, i do some gigs so i wasn't sure if the mini stack would give enough kick.

if you think that i should have something completely different please say and say why also!

S470 & Line6
i think the blackstar would be alright
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Get the S470DXQM, Seriously, the extra 2 frets aren't worth sacrificing good tone.
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the blackstar can't pull off Slipknot without an OD, I just tested one out yesterday.
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by OD do you mean overdirve? becuase the blackstar has 2 channels to it, and also i got a behringer v amp 2 to put through them