A soldiers story

Time passes by like the clouds in the sky
It seems one day your born and the next you die
Did you leave your mark on this world before you passed away
Or will you be forgotten like some long lost dream

So here you are with your debts way passed due
Your family by your side and they're praying for you
It's never too late to make amends
Because love is all you got in the end

I will miss you and I will live the way you taught me to
You'll be in my heart till my dying breath
And everything you did for this cruel and hateful world
Will be remembered til the bitter end...end for now
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Last edited by Descendent-182 at Dec 21, 2008,
I didn't like "long lost faded", lost and faded basically mean the same thing in this context, and the quick words made it difficult to read.

"Your family is by your side"
Drop the "is".