I need help picking out an amp I want to spend up to around 600£. Mainly for bedroom playing but I never know what may come along. I want to really be able to get many different tones. From nice cleans to a buckethead style distortion. I''ve been looking at many different makes and models and have kind of narrowed it down to a used messa boogie, a used engl, a tiny terror and a used jcm800. Also what's the opinion on bugera and what would suit my style best, want a quite versatile tone.
tiny terror for versitility
Most of those (especially the Marshall and most mesas) might be too loud for bedroom use without an attenuator. A TT might be good simply because of its size but I've never tried one.


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All of those would be good, also the bugera 333 are good for that style. Those amps are best suited to places where you can turn them up full so you hear the proper tube sound.
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cranking it may be an issue. As my room is fairly small and I dont want to really disturb anyone. I wasn't too sure how the tiny terror would handle pedals as I already have a proco rat clone and am in the process of building a tube screamer. How well will it handle pedals? Also the lack of features put me off it a little. Would one of the larger amps be ok at bedroom volumes turned down or would it just sound crap and be a waste of time? Also I heard the cleans were fairly garbage on the TT. How good is it at general marshall crunch, would it be able to meet buckethead/ metallica tones, thats about as distorted as i get. I will try get to test the tiny terror but everywhere round here seems to be out of stock.
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I like the Bugera 6260 better than the 333
Looks abit more solid And I like the design better

and I found my 6260 for $300 new
Which is probably 180 in euros
That would leave you with alot of spare cash for a badass cab

It probably has more gain and power than you need though
(Actually more than anybody needs)
The bugera sounds good, how well would it take pedals? Also I'm going to be playing indoors a lot so how does it handle low volumes and would an attenuator be recommended?