ive been on this plateua for a logn time now
like 2years!!
basicly i can pick at like 180 bpm 16 notes
but when i play with the metronome, i cant go over 126 bmp regardless of the exersize
chromatic stuff, 3 string major runs, pentatonis runs, i cant go faster than 126 bpm

i used to anchor and thot that was the problem
and i fixed most of the tension i have in my arm
but not that i learned not to anchor i still encounter the same problem

i also always take each exersice down to like 40 bpm triplets
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is anchoring having your arm on the guitar? should i not do that?

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Quote by deafening
is anchoring having your arm on the guitar? should i not do that?

yes its resting ur palm on the bridge
Quote by cemetarygates31
yes its resting ur palm on the bridge

Do not listen to this.....anchoring is not RESTING your palm on the bridge.

Anchoring is permanently fixing one or more fingers to the guitar so that you can play with more control. But as Freepower says, if you could play with control you wouldn't have to do that.

Resting your hand on the bridge is fine....in fact its helpful for muting.
Speed bursts maybe, or play a lick in context so you're not being negative about the lick. I managed to break 100 BPM semiquavers recently by playing the lick in context; hit it at the intended 120 perfectly.
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Stop talking about anchoring, there's a sticky on it. TS, take a break from the metronome and try playing to music? It seems to help push me past my plateaus. Even Guthrie Govan said he far prefers practicing to music.
well wen i pick at like 180
im not as accurate and have a few messups
i also am really weak when it comes to inside the stringe picking and up picking

i practice around 2-3 hours a day
Well, take 40 minutes of that practice, and work on licks with huge amounts of string crossings, which'll fix the inside picking. Make sure your tone is always strong and consistent.

Also, you need to examine your attitude - if you're not as accurate, you can't play at that speed, and theres no point telling us about it.
I recently looked into BPM, of which before I had gotten confused with Notes per minute/second.

The fastest ive been able to get is this:
at 230 BPM, with those being sixteenth notes, or some variation of it.
Im atleast 50 BPM faster with pull-offs than I am with hammerons lol.