So who here is a Bon Jovi fan? Favorite albums or songs? Who has heard Bon Jovi's new country album?
I'm a pretty big Bon Jovi fan and my favorite album by them is Keep the Faith. It's amazing! Or, their self-titled album is also pretty good, although not many people have listened to it.
love bon jovi got all their albums. fav album is slippery when wet. fav song is wild is the wind. saw them 2 times this year, the dont dissapoint
I'm not the biggest fan but I do like them. I only have slippery when wet but it's pretty damn good. My favorite song would have to be I'd Die for You.
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Bon Jovi are awesome. Ritchie Sambora is seriously underrated. Just listen to the solo on Keep the Faith. Not technically astounding or anything, it's just... right. My favourite song of theirs has to be Keep the Faith, but... that bit in the middle's totally cringeworthy. Anybody that's heard it knows what I mean.
"I've been walking in the footsteps, of society's lies/I don't like what I see no more, sometimes I wish I was blind/sometimes I stand alone, in the puring rain/so no-one sees me cryin', to wash away the pain"
Or something like that.
Anyway, the guy couldn't write lyrics, but the music rocked.
I saw them with my Dad in June. For some reason, I wasn't really expecting to enjoy myself, but it was awesome! I'm really into them now. My favourite song is also Keep the Faith.