I'm going down to miami beach in like 2 days and im planning to do some street playing for the first time while my brother is working and my parents are out. Im just wondering what are some great classical songs that i could play, I already gots three right now. 1. air on g string by Bach. Canon (In C im guessing since it starts out with a c major chord) by Johann Pachbell. And Minuet by Luigi Boccherini. It doesent even have to be classical yet if it was id really appreciate it. I could also use some pointers on street playing. THANKS.
yea like people are going to want to hear some cannibal corpse at the beach, or while they are eating.
Sarabande in B Minor from violin Partita 1 - Bach....just about anything from his violin sonatas and partitas sounds really good on guitar, especially that sarabande and the 3rd partita....Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) is also fun.
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welcome to sludge city perhaps.
i listen to it while i 'do' my girlfriend.

it sooths me.

play Der hölle rache kocht in meinem herzen. it's playable on guitar.
no idea why i said that but ya, figure it out yourself
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do it wit the singing tho lol
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Toccata Dm

Or Johnny B. Good would be a popular choice, although not classical...

classical gas
dust in the wind
bouree in Em
romanza (easy)
these are finger picking songs, but are classical sortof