Hey guys I've got another question for those of you who are more experienced than I. Me and my friends just recently started a jazz trio (piano, drums, bass), and of course, I play bass in it. We had our first gig the other night that went very well, but I had to borrow my band director's 60 watt keyboard amp, as I do not own an amp. Now, my question to you guys is; What is a good setup for my playing scenario? I am about to start looking for a gig/practice amp, and I don't want to go too big and realize I spent too much money on a big amp that wasn't necessary.

Some more details: We will be looking to play at anywhere from coffee houses and restaraunts as background music, to playing concerts or possibly at nice hotels as the "main attraction" if you will. We play all different styles, mostly just easy jazz stuff that will be mainly walking bass and such, but also including latin, funk, rock, and other types depending on the audience.

So basically i need a small-medium sized amp that can cover that range of needs, and just needs to be loud enough to cut through piano and drums.

What would you guys recommend? Spending much isn't an option, but I still want to get something that is reliable and will sound very good. Oh, and I use a Squire Fretless bass (the Jaco one), if that makes any difference.
If at all possible $200 or less. If I have to I may could go above that perhaps up to 300, but only if necessary.
Get a laney RB3.
Awesome amp, and it sound cover u for the bigger venues, possibly even get the RB4 if u can afford it. Playing against a drummer can be tough with a small amp.
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Hey buddy!

I'm a jazz musician myself, and play in a whole load of trios. Generally, you are going to want an amplifier that is not powerful, but tonally precise. Every little bit of tone is going to help your sound. As far as amps are concerned, it depends on what you're playing like. Also, you want something nice and small that is easy to fit into tight spaces in restaurants. Getting a big amp is going to make your drummer mad at you since he's not going to be able to bring in that extra tom.

Are you playing your fretless more like jaco would (with lots of bite and growl) or more like an upright (dull and bassy?) If you are playing like jaco, buy a 2x10. If you play more like an upright, get a 1x15. If you play somewhere inbetween, grab a 1x12.

Any high end cabinet / head combination will do you well. A lot of the jazz guys these days are using a Gallien Krueger MB150 and 12" cabinets. They are essentially "the" jazz rig. You can't play much rock with them, but are incredibly clear, clean, and lightweight.

If you're looking at a combo, the Ampeg Portabass series is used buy a bunch of cats. They discontinued them a little while back. Don't buy any other Ampeg then that.

And of course, anything Thunderfunk, Mark Bass, Epifani, Schroeder, Bergantino, Yorkville, Dr. Bass, Eden, or EA. The high end stuff.

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hahaha I was typing this as you put in a pricerange. Obviously, you're going to need a combo. If you can find anything I mentioned used for under $300, go for it. Check TalkBass, Craigslist, and Ebay. You'd be surprised what you can find.

IF you can't go for any of that, pick up either an SWR LA15 or an Acoustic B100. Both will do a great job for the smaller gigs, but might have some trouble on the medium sized ones. Or if you can fork over the dough for an Eden Nemesis combo, that would do well too.

STAY AWAY FROM: (remember UGers, this is JAZZ)
Fender Bassman combos
Ampeg non-portabass combos
Line 6

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Why Roland? I find that all the Rolands I've tried work well in a jazz situation, don't know about gigs though.
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Thank you! One day I will be able to afford a much better rig, as I plan on doing this sort of thing long into the future, but unfortunately right now it isn't possible for me. I'm a senior in high school, so I'm looking towards paying for college and all that nonsense right now :P

I generally play more in the style of Jaco, with more emphasis on the growl and less on the bite. Though for some songs I do a little adjusting to get a slightly upright sound, it is the less important part.

I will probably look into the acoustic b100, as I've heard they work well. And thank you for the warning, as I was looking into a fender bassman. And the upside is that, for the small gigs (which will likely be the majority) the smaller amp will do great, and if the gig is larger, chances are there will be a pa available, which isn't necessarily ideal but will work fine.

Thanks again for the help! I will definitely bookmark this, as one day, hopefully before too long, I will be looking for a higher end rig, so all of the information was very helpful!
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Why Roland? I find that all the Rolands I've tried work well in a jazz situation, don't know about gigs though.

Rolands were under my "STAY AWAY FROM" column lol.

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I am not a huge fan of Acoustics but they are great for Jazz in that kind of setting. I've played the restaurant gig scene with a small trio (guitar, bass and drums) and it would do nicely in that setting. Rolands are problematic for me as well; I used my guitarist's for a while (he plays bass as well) and could never get a good tone out of one.

If you can find a used SWR workingman combo, they are great for jazz. I've borrowed one from another bassist for the last time we played at a coffeehouse and I loved the sound of my fretless through one of those.
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Rolands were under my "STAY AWAY FROM" column lol.

Could you explain why please?
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