well i play in drop D, in Drop C and occasionally in Drop B ... what guage strings would you recommend that i should buy to suit my needs? thanks
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I have two guitars for different tunings

for C# i use regular slinky strings
and for
C i use Slinky Top Heavy Bottem

Both Ernie ball
Not trying to thread jack, but what gauge of strings should I use?

I don't tune lower than D, but my 10-46 set are rather loose, I want something tighter. I have really strong fingers, and I tend to overbend, or shove the string off the fretboard when I form chords because of the push on them.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
D standard 10-52
drop C 10 - 56

i like having a really tight bottom string, so the 56 works well for me with drop C

edit: drop B 12-56
i would personally get a ticker string than 56 for the low B, but thats just me
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i use 10-46 for my schecter which goes down to drop d flat at most. I normally just use my whammy pedal on my digitech rp250 to detune. i use 11-50 on my washburn and i take that down to drop c, drop b, or drop a. Surprisingly i was able to go to b flat standard with the 11-50 on my washburn and the string were not like spaghetti.
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If you overbend in D, 11-52.

For drop C, at least 11-56, 12-56 for drop B. Drop D, 10-52 is really good. I'd have two guitars, one with the 10-52 on it for drop D and one with like, 12-56 for drop C and B.
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I can tune my guitar down to Drop B in .10-52 and they are quite tight.
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I can tune my guitar down to Drop B in .10-52 and they are quite tight.

it depends on the player i guess

i need to have a REALLY tight low set of strings
its harder to play with, but i find my playing and overall sound is much clearer and tighter
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