Anyone know why when i put a string on then tighten it, then start tuning it, then it like pops and gets really loose.. is it because the string is not the string that supposed to be that note, my high E string broke so i found an old B string, and im getting new strings for Christmas so i just wanted something to last a few days. So could using the wrong string make it do this?
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make sure the ball end of the string is properly in the saddle.. like, sometimes it gets caught
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its on my electric, but i got a acoustic B string to work for my electric high e string now, it will work i guess till Christmas. though it has a different tone and is hard to bend..
I play guitar.
dude strings are like 5 bucks, just go get some more. the pop you hear is most likely happening at the tuning pegs. as the string tightens, it slides on the tuning peg until it is wrapped around the correct way, this causes a drop in tuning. it should only happen once or twice tho.
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