Hey everyone.
I have been playing the guitar for about 3-4months, but i have gotten really good with my inspiration. i have learned all of my favorite songs 100% (all of three days grace's song ) but now im sorta stuck. i dont really know how to play fast at all, i dont really know how to solo, i dont know ANY scales or anything. i tried to look up some, but they are too confusing. the only thing i now how to do really good is strum! i have made a alot of instrumentals but i wanna solo. please help with ANY tips or schedules. please!


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i already took some classes, but i dont have enough $$ to pay for them anymore. and all he did is give me a book of chords.
just practice. scales are confusing but you should learn them eventually if you want to solo good.. they give you direction, rather than playing notes aimlessly.. you can look up anything you need to learn on the internet. wikipedia it lol
I just take a song that I really want to learn and start out playing it REALLY slowly. Once I get the precision down, I start playing it faster and faster. It's taken me quite some time to build up speed, so don't think it'll just come with a little bit of practice.
you've only been playing 3-4 months, don't expect to be ripping out solos.

My friend has been playing the same amount of time, and we are starting a band. he wants to play some really hard Nu-metalish metal music while i play softer like alternative rock, and harkrock. we want to be equal in skill. and i want to be equal in skill too !
The best advice you are going to get from this forum is to practice, practice, practice. As cliche as it sounds and as boring as it may see. It is the truth and the only way to get better.

Playing your favorite songs and getting them down 100% is a tremendous accomplishment for 3-4 months of playing. Just like anything in life, the more you do something, the better you get at it. It is all repitition.
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Learn some easy solos first.
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