I have no idea how much drum kits are worth, and having looked through Ebay to try and find kits similar to mine, I am non the wiser. I am hoping UG can provide me with the answer!

My kit is a normal 5 piece kit, made by Premier. The drum sizes are regular rock sizes, 12", 13" and 16" toms, a 14" snare and a 22" bass drum. The crash cymbal is Zildjian and the Ride and Hi-Hat are Sabian. Its in good condition and has just been kitted out with new Remo skins. It comes with a full set of silencers, stool, sticks and some drum books.

I am hoping its worth around £450! Any help is greatly appreciated!!
~~Drum Kit.JPG
it is worth 49pence and 3 packets of smarties.

i currently have that in my pocket so would gladly trade.
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Exo M6

£550, but that was without the silencers and all the other stuff. And it was 6 years ago.
6 year old..
you paid 550..
recession is here..
6 years of use ..so roughly half your price anyway..
even with silencers..still gonna be selling cheap as chips mate..
sorry ^_^ but you could try your luck by placing in the free ads..or on gumtree.com...they sell quick there
What cymbals are they?

because the value of the kit is gunna depend on that aswell.
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