I got a question about it. I bought it a few weeks ago, along with a DL4 at Guitar Center.

Here's the thing, just yesterday, I bought a wah and a fuzz pedal. Then when I went to plug the first plug, I hit the metal part of my DD-3 and it created a spark. O_O I was like, Holy crap. and so now I'm scared it might start a fire (since I play guitar on the carpet in my room) and I don't have a pedalboard (yet).

Has that happened to anyone? or should I just not worry about it and be more careful not to hit that metal part of my DD-3?

And I don't have a 1 spot adapter. I use my boss adapter and just plugged the daisy chain to the adapter. Haha. (it works fine)
Yeah, I've made plenty of sparks with mine. Don't worry about it.
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Little orange spark. Haha. It just makes a static sound.

Seems like a little problem.
thats's normal. there is a current running through it. it's common to put electrical tape over the unused jacks