Hey, I've been playing guitar for a year and a half now and it's about time i upgraded to a more intermediate guitar from my crappy squier strat. I mostly play stuff like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, and some alternative stuff like Goo Goo Dolls. I've went to my local music store and I tried a bunch of them, and I narrowed it down to- Epiphone les paul, PRS SE custom, or a mexi HSS strat. any suggestions on which i should get, i really can't decide
i think prs look rly nice. epiphone silverburst i have the pickups are pretty bad. idk, id get the prs
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Because you've not been playing for too long you will probably want to branch out your styles later and will need a more versatile guitar so id get the PRS
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i have both an epiphone les paul and a mexi HSS strat. i'd have to say for your style the HSS strat would do you some good. i dont think a les paul would be able to match the Red HotChili Peppers tone. also i've nevr played a PRS but i'd rrecomend a strat
mim strat, then get coil tap/new bucker
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get the epiphone or go for a cheap gibson. the short necks RULE lol i love it and i cant wait to buy my own! XD
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The PRS SEs are some of the best guitars at the price. I've played one and was very surprised at the quality of the instrument. I've never played a MIM strat, but the PRS is leagues above the Epi in terms of quality and playability. Can't really comment on the pickups. I played a Semi-hollow with P-90s and it was 1 of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard. I would definitely go with the PRS.