Well i've been playing for almost a year now and i would just like to know what i should be playing? What should know already Ho/Po choords etc...Cause i felt like ive maybe passed some stuff up so could anybody maybe tell me what i should know already? Sorry if thats a dumb question. It's cause ive been trying to play alot of fast songs lately and i feel like poop cause i cant play anything.
well if you can't 'play' anything, write your own music.
It doesn't need to be fast to be good. =)
well.. You could be playing for a year put practice once a week while zoned out, or you could be practicing had 2 hrs every day for a year. [Major difference in skill]

What can you play now? You should be playing whats in your "skill" level.

Give us some examples of what you know how to do.. song or soloing wise
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Ahhh man I felt the exact same I've tought myself and i've been playing for a year and 3 months now it's like I need to be better but when I practise I suddenly see things clicking together. It will all fall into place
Give us examples of what you can play already?
we'll tell you where to go from there
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Rate my playing skills please.
my advice to you is to browse your music, and pick songs to play that sound sound too hard, then get tabs/notation/work it out.
power tab is great (and free) because it shows you the rhythms as well as the notes!
if you're struggling with a song, put it aside and come back to it a couple of weeks later.
start easy; powerchords etc.
and maybe leave those solos til later...

btw, if you like blink-182, they are great because most of the songs are nice and simple compared to the rest of music out there
a year mmm... well u should know basic chords eg. bar chords and arppegios.
solo wise.... hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, and u should know a few slow solos
Try and learn some blues because no matter wat type genre u play, blues is always involved
plus its always important to be able to play 12 bar blues lol guitar 101
Well i can play alot of System of a Down songs thats reallly about i can play like metallica riffs and stuff (but who cant) as for soloing i can really only do like the solo from death in fire(Amon Amarth).Psycho (soad) and some of the first master of puppets solo.

*edit* I can do bends,hammer ons,pull offs and i know some theory.
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There's no need to feel bad about anything, dude. Just take it slow, and practice it again and again and again. It will come eventually. Your muscles need to learn.

People learn instruments at different rates for a number of reasons (such as previous experience with other instruments, the amount spent on practice... but also because of things you can't really change, such as how your brain works to memorise patterns and stuff). Therefore you can't rely on others to judge where you should be after a certain period of time.

If you want my advice as to what songs to learn, pick songs which you feel are a little bit out of your comfort zone, but make sure that you like them - there's no point learning a song if you don't really want to play it, because there's no motivation. If you want to learn the solos, start playing them really slowly, then speed it up.

But, like Necrotic, I also think it's important to do your own thing, because composing something you like is the hardest thing to master on the guitar.

Hope some of that helped
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Yeah, when i use to take guitar lessons he would ask me to learn songs i didnt enjoy at all and there was no motivation in it. I dont think he liked metal either. >_>