Do i need anything besides the flat iron to straighten my hair?

someone told me i'd need "Flat Iron Spray".... is that true?

and is that it?

thanks for anyone who helps me.... i'm "hair-challenged". lol.

You also need a power outlet.
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I use melted butter to lubricate the straightening.

wouldn't that make your hair greasy, though? =/

He's screwing with you.

That would probably destroy your hair.

No, you don't need anything else. But there are products out there to make it easier and/or to protect your hair from the damage it causes.
I just dry my hair and straighten it from there. I find that "really" straight hair looks really really bad on me. Basically all the spray does is protect the ends of your hairs from splitting. Like it's the end of the world or something...

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