is it possible to make the picking sound go away so you just have the pitch? if so, how?
Using legato. Playing overdriven or distorted is inevitably going to tell you when you hit the string, if you play with a pick.
rhythm/neck pickup+tone knob turned down+legato=as close as you can get to that
also try different picking techniques, theres a few which have less attack
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don't hit the strings as hard

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Hitting the strings a bit more diagonally is going to reduce picking noise. Also, picking close to the bridge seems to help a bit.
use a really thick round pick and pick at an angle. Also try using your neck pickup.
Of course, that just changes the pick noise, doesn't take it away.
There's no way to take away the noise completely unless you have some kind of MIDI, like the Banshee guitar. Look it up on Youtube, it sounds amazing with a chorus MIDI.
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Turn the gain down.
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Check out D'Andrea Pro Plec picks, they're really good at eliminating that plucking noise.
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