Hey guys. I've been looking for a new amp recently and i wanted some opinions on good amps. First off, my price range is around $200. I've looked at a 30W valvetronix XL and a peavey vypyr so far. i liked the vox more. Ive also been loooking for a roland cube 30X in my area (I use this in lessons and enjoy it), but the stores that carry them are closed for today.

I play mostly clean bluesy stuff, but sometimes i play heavier, chunkier stuff. I play stiff similar to Hendrix, SRV, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

if anyone could let me know what suggestions they have, that would be great.
i say the Valvetronix
is a really versatile amp so you could play almost anything with that amp (some people say that the high gain isnt enough)
Me and my friend both have 30 watt roland cubes, he has the bass, i have the guitar one, and these are the perfect amps for the kind of music we play, and the volume they are needed for. Also great for smaller gigs, when i cant use my crapp, but loud, stack