I would like to take a little bit of money and buy some art supplies. Just some decent paper, a little bit of paint, and some pencils for sketching. Can someone point me in the right direction. Not sure what I'm looking to create, I just feel a nudge...thanks.
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Buy pencils
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Derwent pencils, the graphic kind (good range of hardnesses), a sketchbook with some decent paper (mine is Acid free 80lb Cream drawing paper, and its alright). paintwise, i have no idea, just go for some acryllic tho.
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You definitely have to hit up michael's or barnes and noble, they'll get you on the right start for quality paper which will be the cheapest of your worries. Then for pencils, I suggest an 8 lead, its versatility is perfect for drawing. Now when usiing color go for a good brush and use pastels (charcoal) first before experimenting with paints, markers and ****, because you can erase with a eraser until you want to make it permanent with water. Definitely find a michael's or its equivalent.
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Michaels. If not buy online at dickblick.com all there stuff is cheap.
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