To cut a potentially fairly long and dull story short...

My home office chair, in which I spend much of my life, is on it's last legs, and I've been after a decent armless chair for playing guitar in for a while now... so I thought "I know, I'll get an office chair with arms I can remove!".

Nice thought, that. However, executing said purchase is proving rather hard.

Do any of you ladies and gents know of anywhere in the UK that sells decent, comfortable work chairs with either removeable arms or no arms? For what it's worth, when I say "decent", I mean suitable to be sat in for 50+ hours a week, week in, week out, without being uncomfortable, or breaking after six months. Budget is "up to MIA, but not Custom", if you see what I mean.
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.

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get a guitar playing stool?

EDIT: or buy a strap?
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How about this?
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I don't think that has removable arms.
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