Does anyone know about how much it would cost to get a duplicate key made to a car (this one would be a Honda Pilot '06)? I'm not talking about a valet type key, I'm talking about the ones that have the controls on them (lock/unlock, etc). Will the dealership duplicate one for money or is it better to go somewhere else?

You're probably looking at about £40 i think for a replacement.
I got quoted £25 for my saxo key with the immobiliser chip in so with the buttons as well it'll probably be a bit more
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It's be over $100 probably. Sorry :-\ I've known some to be over $200.

Yeah, it cost a couple hundred if it's a special newer key with some chip in it.
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Yeah, but it won't work for his truck. Unless you can get them reprogrammed.
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Yeah that's what the key looks like, but like the guy above me said, wouldn't it have to be reprogrammed?

EDIT: Ah, okay, I read the info on it.