alright, so im getting an orange tiny terror for christmas. I am planning on using my marshall jcm combo speaker cab for the cab for the tiny terror. thing is, the cable that comes out of the speaker enclosure to go into the amp is very short, not long enough to be able to go to the top of the amp where the orange would be sitting.

is it possible to get some sort of adaptor plug that i could plug into the cable coming out of the speaker cab to hook up to another speaker cable to send to the orange? thanks
there are connectors like that...but i personally think you're just better off buying a longer cable. the connectors are probably harder to find and i'm not sure how much they cost....not to mention they might effect the sound a little bit.

go ahead and correct me, i'm not 100% on that.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
thing is, i cant buy a longer cable. the cable for the combo amp is attached to the speakers, and its just long enough to reach the speaker inputs on the amp, and to use the tiny terror i need it to be longer
okay, i did a little bit of research for ya. sorry for the long wait time.

i assume this is a 1/4 inch cable. don't know why it wouldn't be...

http://www.guitarcenter.com/American-Recorder--ART--1-4--Female-to-1-4--Female-Stereo-Adapter-339507-i1129362.gc bam! right here.

i was looking it up as i was typing this, thus the excitement.

as you can see, for just a couple of bucks you can buy one of these. then just get one other 1/4 inch cable and you're set!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.