I have a Line 6 Spider III and my problem is that it has to be turned up fairly loud for their to be any distortion at all, regardless of channel/settings. Is this just because of the amp? Are all amps like this? I'm thinking about buying a new amp anyway, but still it would be nice to be able to get distortion without turning up my amp to the point where the neighbors can hear it.
Yeah I have, Although I guess I should say more that there is some distortion when it's not very loud, but it's pretty bad sounding.
that is really odd. I've never used a spider though so I can't really help you with fixing it. to avoid flaming though, I would still get a new amp. (it won't hurt your tone either)
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Use the drive knob on one of the three channels that isn't the clean one
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it maight just be....YOUR SPIDER III!!!!!

but really, they arent great... sell it and buy something new....
try ALL the settings?
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it shouldn't do that. spiders have a ton of distortion at low volumes.
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Yeah, the only thing I can think of is that you've got the volume knob on your guitar turned down. Otherwise, the the distortion should be fairly full (if bad sounding) on that amp at whatever volume level....

What guitar are you using, also?