ok im planning on making a black and yellow frankenstrat but i need help, what do you put on it, i have just a wooden strat style guitar that i bought off of ebay, how do i start it off and finish it. Please if you can give me step on step directions on how to make it . THANK YOU
Uhh, google a tutorial?

Check out the EVH forums. I know for a fact that they have a step by step guide.
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1) Take off neck and other things so you only have the body.
2) Sand all paint off so the wood is plain.
3) Paint it yellow
4) Tape where you want yellow lines.
5) Paint it black (lol).
6) Remove all tape.
7) Paint with clear coat paint.
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This is a question for the ultimate refinishing thread at the top of this forum.

Also, it has been covered in the tutorials here.

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Ultimate refinishing thread.

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