Anybody know where to get some quality stick-on inlays? I have the usual dot position markers and would really like something that looks similar to the Gibson style split parrallelogram inlays. It's a shabby old cheapie Encore acoustic I'm just trying to spruce up a bit! In the UK would be preferred but outside is fine so long as they take paypal!
Ebay. The sellers ID is creative-cuts. They run $18.95 a set. I have them on 2 of my guitars. They are really thin. I don't even feel them when I play. I've had 2 different sets on my Explorer. They didn't leave any sticky stuff on the fretboard when I changed them either. I had my doubts about them at first too. But I'm glad I gave them try. I've got pics in my profile if you want to see them. Here's a link their ebay store.
crap, now im gonna have to get the AC/DC ones for my sg.....AHHHH!
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This seems like a really bad idea. REALLY bad.
Because why would you /ever/ put a sticker on a guitar???
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This seems like a really bad idea. REALLY bad.
Because why would you /ever/ put a sticker on a guitar???

the same reason you called yourself emoishboy.
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I guess I used the term "sticker" a bit loosely, I meant vinyl decals that adhere well and come off without leaving any residue. thanks for the tip zakkwyldefan79 I'll check them out.
These stickers are great, one oh my friend have somme on his guitar, you don't feel them and they look cool!
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the same reason you called yourself emoishboy.


those look really cool, i like the "man to wolf" ones, or whatever they are called.
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I wish they made some lower-key ones, or something a bit more elegant....those Hetfield and Hammet ones are cool, but really big and obnoxious.

They do custom orders. Come up with a design and send it to them they can probably make them for you.